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Testing Challenge: Break the glass

click for a bigger QR codeA friend of mine told me about a virtual Beer app at the weekend and of course I immediately downloaded it and started playing with it.

Whilst playing with it, I accidentally broke the glass. The Tester in me immediately wanted to investigate and break it again. I kept playing with it on Saturday and finally figured out how to reproduce it.

My challenge to you is to learn and explore the application and to find a way to break the screen. Once you’ve managed to reproduce it, post the steps in the comments below. You can download the application by scanning the QR code.

Just to prove to you that I’m not lying…

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  • http://twitter.com/pmberry2007 Paul Berry

    I can actually top that. I’ve broken the phone I would have run this on. (Stuck reflashing ROM image.)

  • Ajay Balamurugadas

    Any other way to download the app?

  • http://www.eyerideonline.com/ Security systems in Florida

    Really tough task! I’ll definitely give it a try. I wanna win the challenge wish me luck. Thanks